Fast, Clean Cable Recycling

Our full line of SEDA granulating systems help you quickly and efficiently process automotive cable arms and electrical cables to separate high value copper or aluminum from their plastic coatings. Each of these compact units includes built-in dust filtration for clean operation. Copper has seen its value increase manifold over the past years affording auto recyclers a new income stream from harvesting wire harnesses from ELVs and processing them with a Recyclers Source Cable Shredder.

EKO Macro: granulate and separate up to 100 lbs/hr in diameters up to ¾”; just 14 sq. ft of floor space.

EKO Gamma: granulate and separate up to 200 lbs/hr in diameters up to ¾”; just 14 sq. ft of floor space.

SINCRO 415: handle cables up to 3” diameter at a rate of up to 400 lbs/hr; fully self-contained and skid-mounted

SINCRO 530: powerful 30 hp unit granulates and separate up to 800 lb/hr with separate fans for for handling material and for dust collection

SINCRO 950: 75 hp unit provide ample paper high volume production up to 1600 lbs/hr; fully self-contained and skid mounted with 8 adjustable screens

WIRE S: description coming soon

WIRE M: description coming soon

"Wire-which sometimes has passed through a preshredder-feeds into the machine by hand, conveyor, or hopper. Inside the machine's granulation chamber, a series of knives- some fixed, some rotating-chops the wire into small pieces until the metal separates from its plastic or rubber insulation and the material is small enough to pass through one or more screens. The screen size (expressed as the size of the holes in millimeters) varies depending on the size of the input material and the desired size of the final product.

After granulation, air separation equipment sorts the aluminum or copper chops from the insulation material, yielding a clean metal stream, a waste insulation stream, and a "middling" stream of metal and insulation that recirculates for additional processing."

(Jim Fowler - Scrap Magazine, March/April 2008)

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Multi-purpose Cutter

Multi-purpose with electro-hydraulic motor is the perfect tool to quickly and effortlessly cut through thick electrical cable bundles single-handed. Cutting head swivels 330o; an easy first step to recovering valuable copper and aluminum with SEDA Cable Shredders.

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